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Our Services:

LegalDocsPDQ offer’s fast, easy, inexpensive, online legal document services for a multitude of requirements.


Untie the Knot Canada

LegalDocsPDQ started with its first brand, Untie the Knot Divorce Service, in 2002, providing low-cost, online, professional document service to Canadians.


Vital Certificates

Vital Certificates was added to the LegalDocsPDQ family in 2007, offering fast and inexpensive Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates to Canadians.


US Vital Records

LegalDocsPDQ launched US Vital Records in 2013, offering Americans an online solution to easy and inexpensive Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Certificates.


Untie the Knot USA

LegalDocsPDQ’s flagship Divorce Service launched in the US in 2015, premiering in the state of Washington with plans to reach all 50 States!

About Us:

LegalDocsPDQ is one of the fastest growing online document services companies in North America. Since its inception, the mission has been simple: offer fast, easy, inexpensive, online legal document services, supported by world-class customer service. Incubated in Canada, Express Legal opened its first U.S. branch in January of 2015. The prospective launch of new services is nearly limitless!

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